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MineCraft 1.8 Beta Released! -- Prize GiveAways Coming Soon! written by Harrison - 15.09.2011
1.8.0 beta is now released and existing users can now auto-update under the game panel or McMyAdmin Panel.

For more information on how to update for NON-McMyAdmin's Users please read here:
Auto-Update to MC Beta...uto-Update to MC Beta 1.8

McMyAdmin Available - Approved McMyAdmin Provider & MineCraft Host written by Harrison - 29.05.2011
Go Network Servers is happy to announce that we are now an
"Official McMyAdmin Provider" & "Approved Host of MineCraft".
Order your own minecraft server today and get full control of your server with the New McMyAdmin on our servers!

Order your minecraft server here

Go Network Servers is now offering McMyAdmin on MineCraft Servers as we are
now an "Official McMyAdmin Provider".

  • 4 GB Disk Storage
  • 80 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • 12 GB Storage
  • 250 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Domain for Annually

Superior Hardware & Networks in all Locations for Lag Free & Smooth Gameplay! 24/7 Great Customer Service & 48 Hours / (5 Days for MineCraft Only) Money Back Guaranteed!
Fast Service Setup, Instant Mods Installation & Control Panel Access with all Services! Affordable Low Prices on Games, Voice, and Web Servers with Superior Quality!

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